Expert Asphalt Paving Services In Kansas City

From Residential Drives to Commercial Parking Lots

Residential Driveway Paving in Kansas City

 Did you know that properly installed and maintained asphalt can last for well over 20 years? You can trust Al's Asphalt & Paving to lead a successful paving project right from the start, which means you’ll be set for life when it comes to asphalt paving. Call Now for your Free Estimate. 

Driveway & Parking Lot Seal Coating


 It might seem unnecessary, but not sealing your driveway or parking lot at least every few years will only lead to more problems. Cracks and chips can hold water, which especially hurts the asphalt if it goes through  freeze/thaw cycles frequently like we do in the KC area. This leads to more serious cracks and potholes developing every season when left unattended. Contact us today for expert Seal Coating Services

Professional Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Seal Coat in Kansas City

 We understand perfectly that any parking lot striping specifications are important to the operation of our client’s business and that it represents a substantial investment.To get the most from your investment, the parking lot line striping should be maintained so that it is organized, well defined and minimizes hazards.Your parking lot striping standards are one of the first things noticed by customers, clients and visitors entering your home of business. The pleasing anesthetic of the newly striped parking lot is of interest and is a good indication the property owner emphasizes consistent maintenance. Call For Your Free Estimate Today! 

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Services

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance in Kansas City


Pavement maintenance programs are economical solutions to increasing the life cycle of your asphalt pavements. Crack filling and seal coating reduces the amount of water that penetrates into the sub-base. Excess water beneath the asphalt surface can cause accelerated deterioration as well as breaking apart (potholes) due to freeze thaw cycles in the winter time. Timely pavement maintenance will help extend the life of your asphalt parking lot and help reduce major costs and liabilities. Ask us about Saw Cutting, Tear outs & Pothole Repair & Patching

Project Grading & Base Work

Driveway Grading & Base work Kansas City

 Whether your asphalt paving project in Kansas City is a residential driveway or commercial parking lot, you’ll likely need excavation and grading services, both of which we can provide along with our paving work. Having expertly graded land will ensure your drainage works properly and that your final structure won’t succumb to slipping or depressed soil. To make sure you never have to deal with collapsing land or pavement, we will provide expert base work, fill, sand, gravel and stone for any project. 

Drainage Systems


  The Kansas City metro area is known for many things, and rain is definitely one of them. Without proper drainage around your property and pavement, you will end up in serious trouble. It can affect not only the life span of your asphalt, but also the foundation of your home or business, and can damage the land itself. By ensuring water drains effectively and efficiently from your property, we will help you prevent future repair projects. Contact us today!